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Strategy Management is a never-ending process, but periodically a plan must be divined from your work-in-progress so that the organization has a plan upon which to act. While this might feel like the end of strategy and the beginning of execution, the reality is that neither has finite end-points. Strategy Management is a living, breathing exercise, subject to continual change, yet it must be sufficient at any point to enable action. To develop a robust strategic plan and make strategy a success by driving its successful implementation, RADIK' one of the modern strategy consulting firm, applies a number of different tools.

RADIK’ Approach to Strategy Planning and Implementation

There are many approaches to strategy planning & strategy implementation and which one we would recommend depends on what our clients seek to learn. RADIK’ employs a unique approach towards understanding and providing strategic management services to its clients. Recommended approach by RADIK includes-

  • Prepare strategy a stage where the protocols of strategic consulting are decided. It brings the important shareholders together to instigate focused discussions to understand current performance of the firm and the long term direction of the firm.
  • Once that is decided the process of strategy planning starts- RADIK acts as a crucial enabler in formulation of strategy. Many strategic options are evaluated against rigorous models to find out the pros, cons and feasibility of any plan.
  • When the strategic plan is finalized, RADIK supports them in the most crucial part- successful strategy implementation. 

RADIK' has rich experience in business strategy consulting in the areas of strategy planning as well as strategy implementation. We offer strategic management services in the following areas:

Strategy Planning

Organic growth strategy - Organic growth is slow but continuous. It comes with strong foundation which makes the company sustainable. Few companies survive the organic growth route, but those who manage to do it, becomes a leader in their industry. RADIK’ business strategy consulting.

Business unit strategy - Each business unit needs its own strategy that ensures economic growth as a unit as well as a whole organization.

Corporate strategy - Corporate strategy decides the direction that whole company would take. Careful consideration of industry and core competencies are needed to commit to a direction and faithfully follow it.

Emerging markets strategy - With the third world set to become the dominant economic force, it becomes important for every company to have a business strategy for the economy that is clocking double digit growth.

Sustainable growth strategy - When future is uncertain and full of cautions, it is important to choose your business strategy that smoothly navigates the future and creates a safe place for its own.

Strategy Deployment

RADIK' facilitate the creation of business processes that result in a sustained competitive advantage. Balanced Scorecard Approach - BSC translates an organization’ vision and strategy into a comprehensive descriptive initiatives relevant at all levels of organization

RADIK' is one of the modern strategy consulting firms in India. Our strategic consulting services have been recognized by various clients time and again for delivering successful results on ground. RADIK’ business strategy consultants will work with you to plan your organization’ business strategy and lead you to successful strategy implementation to drive growth in your organization.

To discuss your pain areas , please feel free to speak with one of our experts,call RADIK'.